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Welcome to "The Casual Kayaker"

Thanks for visiting. The main focus of this site will be my location reports. However, I will also include occasional articles about my kayaking equipment and modifications, my thoughts and musings about kayaking, and the intertwine of kayaking with my wildlife photography.

I use Google Earth for "maps" (satellite views) and my GPS for coordinate data to help insure you can find exactly the spot I'm writing about, especially the points of interest and put-in points (boat ramps, etc.). If you don't have Google Earth, it's a free download at Once you've installed Google Earth you can then download my ".kmz" files for Google Earth. Double-clicking the ".kmz" file will open your Google Earth and show you all the info I've included on the location. I have found this simply invaluable in actually previewing detailed aerial views of places I've never been. I will include an individual ".kmz" file with each location report, and also provide a combined ".kmz" file that includes all locations together.

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When I first began kayaking I found a most helpful blog by Tom Haynie that aided me greatly in finding and choosing new flatwater locations. His blog was infinitely more detailed and useful than anything I found on kayaking forums. I quickly resolved to share my own impressions of locations I've visited, including details I believe to be important and helpful, in hopes of providing practical information to others. I sincerely hope you find something useful and helpful here. (For more location reports visit Tom's blog at

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